Ningbo Hongzhe Presition Machinery Factory
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          1. Welcome to plans to sample production and processing!
            • Hardware
            • Non - standard fasteners
            • Non - standard fasteners
            • Non - standard fasteners
            • Hardware
            • Non - standard fasteners
            • Non - standard fasteners
            • Non - standard fasteners
            About Us

              Ningbo Beilun Qunli Precision Machinery Factory is a professional machining and manufacturing, numerical control lathe manufacturers. My plant has a group of experienced technical personnel firm, with strong technical force, in the mechanical parts production has obvious advantages.

             Specialized contract copper, aluminum, iron and so on each kind of hardware, non-tender (heterogeneous product), non-sign fastener and so on, each kind of fitting's production processings; And continues the plastic, the compression casting, the rubber, the ramming mold's development manufacture and the product manufacturing and the precision work.

             The factory depends on the local processing superiority and the technical superiority provides each kind of fine product for the customer.

            At the turn of the century the competition, but also required specific starting point, a firm pace, a sharp vision and full confidence in Qunli Machinery Factory with you to create a better future!

            Welcome to attempt the incoming sample production processing!

            • Ningbo Hongzhe Precision Machinery Factory
            • TEL:0574-86110890
            • FAX:0574-86116990
            • ADD:Daqi,Beilun District, Ningbo City
            • Contactor:Mr.Lu
            • MOB:13857466669
            • Contactor:Mr.Chen
            • MOB:13858284867

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